Day Programs for Adults with Mental Illness

Volunteers of America's Day Programs for people with mental illness emphasize social skills and recovery skills training, and provide opportunities for teaching new rehabilitative skills related to community living and work activities. The CHOICES Day Program in Lake Charles and Pont Du Jour in Lafayette build networks of peer support, teach self-help community activities, and provide a place where individuals can learn how to relate to others and communicate their needs and desires successfully. These programs provide secure, structured environments where people experiencing disruption in routine behaviors brought on by their illnesses can receive treatment and support, reducing the frequency and duration of hospital stays.

Pont Du Jour Day Treatment Program
302 Dulles Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
(337) 291-2815 or (337) 262-1752

CHOICES Day Program
2119 Oak Park Blvd.
Lake Charles, LA 70606
(337) 497-0034