Monday Motivational Message

Monday Motivational Message

Message from Eboness Black, Ordained Minister

Better and Better

Trust [rely on and have confidence] in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and feed
[securely] on His faithfulness. Psalm 37:3

Every moment is a choice, and every day is a consequence of all the choices you have made.
To achieve different consequences, make different choices. Each experience is a learning
experience. Continue to learn what works and what doesn’t, what fulfills you and what
doesn’t, and use that knowledge to great benefit. Find valuable insight in what has been and
make use of that insight right now when choosing what to do. That’s a surefire way to
improve what will be. As life goes on, you have every opportunity to get better and better at
it. With each joy, each disappointment, each success and each setback, your choices can
become more powerful and effective. Life generously teaches, so learn. Life demonstrates,
inspires, and gives priceless feedback, so pay close attention and eagerly apply its ongoing
lessons. You’re truly blessed with the opportunity to continue getting better. Take that
opportunity, now and always, and delight in continuing to discover all the good you can do.

Father in heaven, we are keenly aware that there is great power in the choices we make in
each moment, including this one. Today we choose not to worry about getting things
perfect, but to focus on getting things better. Help us to learn as we live each moment to
make wise choices. In Jesus name, AMEN!
Set a goal that today you must be better than yesterday.

Author ~ Unknown